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Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, & the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work.  And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.  If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking, & don’t settle.  As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.  //  Steve Jobs

Today’s post is one I’m particularly excited about.  A few months back, Canberra, Australia-based bridal designer Hannah reached out to me to help her rebuild the website for her beautiful bespoke bridal accessory boutique, La Belle (originally named Three Sunbeams).


I think this project is one that is extra important because it brings up the concept of rebranding, as well as being able to adjust & adapt your business plan as you grow.  You may notice as you scroll through the post that the overall look for the project changed part of the way through as the brand’s vision became a bit more defined.  Because this is a challenge many entrepreneurs face, I am excited to talk a little bit about this process, so read on, friends!

Mood Board Revision-01

I’ll be sharing both the original concepts & mood board Hannah & I designed for Three Sunbeams (below), as well as a look into the transitionary process where Hannah decided to make the leap to change the name & direction to the new concept of La Belle.  Though I was so sad I wasn’t able to take on the rebrand side of the La Belle project, the lovely Kate of Fifth Avenue Design Co did such an amazing job & I’m excited to be featuring her work here too! 🙂



Originally named Three Sunbeams, Hannah had contacted me months earlier expressing her concerns from that her old site simply wasn’t meeting her needs anymore.  Some of her original design elements more closely matched her first concept of her business – However, as her style became more & more defined, she was finding there was a disconnect between her ideal vision, the experience she was providing her customers, & what was being communicated with the old site & brand.

As we started into her project & went through the initial briefings of the website project, we worked on really defining the style for the Three Sunbeams brand.  We went with something that was elegant, romantic, & visually stunning, spending extra time perfecting the mood board, color palette, & overall vibe in order to really get clear on the brand aesthetic.  After our project brief & mood board design, we drafted up the initial website design mockups & went to work setting up the new site.  We kept with a really clean, seamless design, sticking to classic, soft typography & using a lot of light greys, cream, & taupe, with just a hint of a soft blush.

New Sliders-03
As many business owners have encountered (myself included!), sometimes as a business plan becomes more & more defined, we often find that the look we’d envisioned when we started doesn’t end up matching well with where our business grows.  I’ve found that part of being an entrepreneur means learning how to evolve & adapt to new ideas, a changing market, & an ever-improving vision as our dreams become clearer.

Launch 2

This exact phase came to light during my project with Hannah.  Though at the beginning of the project, the concepts we’d designed closely matched the vision she’d originally had for her brand, as we went on, she came to realize that she had a deep desire to change the direction of her company, including changing the name for something that resonated more deeply with her vision.

New Sliders-02
I’ve been through this personally with my own businesses & am a firm believer in the idea that every piece of business has a season.  If you find that there is something not quite sitting right with you – be it your company’s name, the style of your logo, the tone of voice in your copy, the color palette you’re using, or anything else – I’m telling you right now, don’t be afraid to change it!  Don’t feel like you’re locked into something you hate just because it’s what you’ve been doing so long.  Though it brings its own set of challenges, I think a brand is stronger & more effective when you feel you can put your entire heart & soul behind it – something that can be difficult to do if you aren’t in love with it.

Launch 5-01

The lovely Fifth Avenue Design Co. worked with Hannah to redesign her logo & color palette & together, we were able to bring the updated vision back into the site, refresh the style, & collaborate our design work to create something even better than before!

Launch 4

I’m so incredibly happy with how the finished product turned out.  Though the vision of the project changed, I honestly loved the way we were able to adapt the website process to better connect with La Belle‘s beautiful customers & had such an amazing time working on this project!


Like this project?  Have questions about rebranding your business?  Let us know in the comments below!


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