This morning, I wanted to share something with you that is near & dear to my heart.

Now before I go any further, I just want to say that I don’t believe a rebrand is something to be taken lightly. In fact, if you find yourself rebranding over & over & over again to avoid moving forward with your business plan – then stop reading, & get started.


Rebranding means you have to be willing to risk taking a couple steps back so that you can take huge leaps forward in the future.  That being said, if you don’t wake up feeling happy about the content you’re putting into the world – If you’re feeling like your branding & your vision aren’t aligned, or that your style has changed since you started your business — then read on.  This post is written just for you!


You might have seen yesterday that I’d recently launched a custom website for Australia-based bridal boutique, La Belle (click here to jump over to the blog post for all the details!).  Though I have countless projects I’ve adored working on, this one has been one of my all-time favorite websites to date. Mid-way through the project, it totally took an unexpected turn that led to us creating an even better finished product than we’d originally set out to design.
And?  It’s a challenge I think most of us face at one point or another.


Though I’m sharing all the details in the full post, the snapshot version is that the lovely Hannah contacted me to help freshen up the website for her boutique, then-named Three Sunbeams.  As we started work on her project, she came to realize that the vision she’d once had for her business simply wasn’t the same as it used to be – & that if she were ever to make the leap, the time would be now.  So, she jumped.  She followed her heart, & took the brave step forward that her brand needed.  She rebranded & renamed her company to La Belle – something that would help pave the way for the business she’s always dreamed of.


Why am I telling you all of this?  Well, friend.  I’m not sure if you’ve ever yet experienced what Hannah just did, but I certainly have!
… That point where you’ve built your brand on a vision & realized that maybe your vision has changed a little.

… That point where your style’s been redefined, your business has evolved, & yet your website doesn’t tell the same story.

… That point where you are dying to redesign your brand – to reinvent your business – or to give your old shop a new name..


And yet, you’re terrified to make the change – worried that you might undo all your hard work, that it might hurt your brand, or that people may stop recognizing what you’ve already built.
Well?  I want to squash that fear right this minute.  As I’d mentioned, rebranding isn’t something to be taken lightly.  I’ll be the first to tell you that brand recognition is a huge, integral part of building a business – however, there are circumstances where freshening things up can be exactly what your business needs to move forward.

Here’s why I believe you shouldn’t fear rebranding:


1. When you have a brand identity you can embrace, you breathe more life & passion into your business.

Alright guys, I’m speaking from experience on this one.  When I first dove into the creative business world, I had very little vision for what I wanted with my work.  I jumped around from lifeless brand to lifeless brand.  I changed my brand name too many times that it’s embarrassing.  I found out the hard way that when your business evolves but your brand doesn’t, it’s easy to feel disconnected & unmotivated about what you’re putting out there.

All I’m saying is – it took me a really, really long time to find myself in the business world & to figure out what I wanted.  It took months of soul searching – & even then, I feel like it’s a constant, evolving process I’m still going through in small ways each day.

Once I finally found who I was, what I wanted to communicate, & who I wanted to tell my story to, my brand filled with life like it hadn’t before.  I felt passionate, motivated, refreshed, fully connected to my business & was able to finally embrace my vision.


2. A strategic, well-designed brand, customized to your business, allows you to reach your ideal clients with ease.

Maybe you’re reaching clients & customers right now.  Your sales are decent, but probably not where they could be – or maybe you’re struggling to reach the price point you want with the customers you’re currently working with.

One of the most important questions I go over with any client I work with is to help us both get really clear on who their ideal customers are.  Without really, thoroughly knowing who you’re talking to, it can be nearly impossible to reach them & to achieve the business goals you have for yourself.

A successful brand identity should be geared to attract your target market easily.  If yours isn’t doing its job, it may be time to rethink your strategy.


3. You have big plans & you need a brand strategy that can take you there.

Sometimes we pigeon-hole ourselves into things & then feel like we can’t move out of them for fear of what people might think.  Whether it’s a business idea, a logo design, a website, or even the entirety of your brand story – it’s easy to feel trapped by the decisions we make, especially when you’ve poured your heart & soul into something.

The beauty of owning your business is the ability to give yourself the freedom to build the life you want & as cliche as it may seem, to achieve the goals & plans you have for yourself.  If what you’ve created is limiting you in some form or another, it may be time for a change that can help you expand your horizons & move forward.



Is your business ready to take the leap?  We’d love to help!  Let us know if you have any questions about websites & rebranding, or if you’d like details about booking a project with Blush! 


xoxo, jess


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