Brand + Website Reveal | Blush Beauty & Co.

This beautiful salon opened this week so we can finally share all the details about this feminine brand, complete with collaborative hand lettering from Flora Calligraphy Co!

When we first talked with Sam, she expressed her dream of creating a friendly, warm, welcoming place where women can come & feel confident – rather than worrying about judgement or gossip!  We resonate so much with her vision of helping to empower women to be their strongest selves & were so thrilled to play a small part in bringing this to life.

One of our biggest priorities was creating a visual brand that communicated that same feel – with everything from her logo to her website & everything in between.  We kept the brand feeling feminine, fresh & bright, to match the concept for their physical location that features beautiful exposed brick, modern chandeliers, & cool industrial elements.

Scroll to see all of the details or visit Blush Beauty & Co.‘s gorgeous new website!


Plus!  Anyone in the Northern Utah area should go check out this beautiful new salon in downtown historic Ogden.  Connect with them on Instagram @blushbeautyandco!


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Website Reveal // La Belle

Launch 3

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, & the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work.  And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.  If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking, & don’t settle.  As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.  //  Steve Jobs

Today’s post is one I’m particularly excited about.  A few months back, Canberra, Australia-based bridal designer Hannah reached out to me to help her rebuild the website for her beautiful bespoke bridal accessory boutique, La Belle (originally named Three Sunbeams).


I think this project is one that is extra important because it brings up the concept of rebranding, as well as being able to adjust & adapt your business plan as you grow.  You may notice as you scroll through the post that the overall look for the project changed part of the way through as the brand’s vision became a bit more defined.  Because this is a challenge many entrepreneurs face, I am excited to talk a little bit about this process, so read on, friends!

Mood Board Revision-01

I’ll be sharing both the original concepts & mood board Hannah & I designed for Three Sunbeams (below), as well as a look into the transitionary process where Hannah decided to make the leap to change the name & direction to the new concept of La Belle.  Though I was so sad I wasn’t able to take on the rebrand side of the La Belle project, the lovely Kate of Fifth Avenue Design Co did such an amazing job & I’m excited to be featuring her work here too! 🙂



Originally named Three Sunbeams, Hannah had contacted me months earlier expressing her concerns from that her old site simply wasn’t meeting her needs anymore.  Some of her original design elements more closely matched her first concept of her business – However, as her style became more & more defined, she was finding there was a disconnect between her ideal vision, the experience she was providing her customers, & what was being communicated with the old site & brand.

As we started into her project & went through the initial briefings of the website project, we worked on really defining the style for the Three Sunbeams brand.  We went with something that was elegant, romantic, & visually stunning, spending extra time perfecting the mood board, color palette, & overall vibe in order to really get clear on the brand aesthetic.  After our project brief & mood board design, we drafted up the initial website design mockups & went to work setting up the new site.  We kept with a really clean, seamless design, sticking to classic, soft typography & using a lot of light greys, cream, & taupe, with just a hint of a soft blush.

New Sliders-03
As many business owners have encountered (myself included!), sometimes as a business plan becomes more & more defined, we often find that the look we’d envisioned when we started doesn’t end up matching well with where our business grows.  I’ve found that part of being an entrepreneur means learning how to evolve & adapt to new ideas, a changing market, & an ever-improving vision as our dreams become clearer.

Launch 2

This exact phase came to light during my project with Hannah.  Though at the beginning of the project, the concepts we’d designed closely matched the vision she’d originally had for her brand, as we went on, she came to realize that she had a deep desire to change the direction of her company, including changing the name for something that resonated more deeply with her vision.


Brand Reveal // ZoZu Baby

ZoZu Baby Logo-11

I’m so thrilled over the launch of the refreshed ZoZu Baby branding & her shiny new website!  Sandy reached out to me looking to give her brand a fresh update & build something that could really bring her shop to the next level.

She started ZoZu Baby back in 2013 after the birth of her daughter Zoey.  She searched for beautiful, simple accessories for her new baby & decided to try her hand at making her own – Thus, ZoZu Baby was born.

Sandy’s vision for ZoZu Baby has been to really appeal to the everyday mom & kids, while creating bows & accessories that can make playtime stylish, yet still functional & fun.  As the vision for her branding developed, we really wanted to create something that was fun, playful, & bright, but that still felt modern & clean.


Design Concepts-01
After we narrowed in on the direction for the brand & began working with some different logo concepts, we played around with a few different variations until we got the combination just right.  Sandy ended up going with a logo that evoked the feeling of play & movement but with a smooth style of lettering that won’t quickly be outdated or too trendy.


Brand Reveal // Armelle Blog

Armelle Blog-01

If you aren’t already following Armelle Blog, you should be!  Caroline features amazing recipes, fabulous DIY projects, home decor inspiration, party planning tips, & more – Plus, she has such beautiful, fun, classy style that everything she does is to die for.  We wrapped up her project a couple months back & I’m excited to share it with you on the blog!

Caroline has been blogging for years but reached out to me a while back about really creating something that represented her bright, clean style perfectly.  She had expressed the feeling that her blog’s old aesthetic was holding her back from really being able to portray Armelle Blog the way she dreamed – so we set to work to bring this vision to life.


Brand Mood


She had already been collecting a lot of color & style inspiration on Pinterest & invited me to share those boards as we discussed her project.  I was hooked pretty much immediately!  Her pins were fresh & colorful with lots of light, white spaces, & pops of fun, bold color.  She told me that she really wanted something that really evoked feelings of happiness so that visitors to her blog feel welcomed & cheerful so this was really a primary focus from day one with her project.


Brand Reveal // Paper Ave

Paper Ave Logo-12

Paper Ave was wrapped up a while back but I never had a chance to share it on my blog – however, this is one project that still stands out in my mind as it was one that really allowed me to feel inspired & inject a lot of creativity into.  Donna Tran is the creator of Paper Ave & she specializes in gorgeous, handmade paper flowers & gift embellishments.  When she reached out to me last year, she expressed that she was ready to really take her business to the next level & was ready to build up her brand & web presence.


Branding Board-02

Our styles really aligned from the beginning, so we were able to hit the ground running with the design work.  We really wanted to infuse the vibe & mood of her brand into each piece of her branding & website into something that was classic yet feminine, clean yet fun, & most of all, beautiful.  One aspect that we really wanted to include was some sort of circular mark – As many of her flowers & embellishments are a circular shape, we thought it would have a lot of meaning & representation to include this in the design work through the shapes we utilized both in the flowers & in the submark design.


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