Hello September!

Hi loves!  I can’t believe August is over.  I mean seriously, where did that month go?  I can’t say I’m sad to see it go, though – because I’m pretty dang excited about September.  This month represents turning over a new leaf in my business & in my life.  I’ve been working hard to revamp all of my processes, define and ramp up project timelines, and even designing some pretty new informational packets for each project.  It’s a big deal!

I’m gonna get real for a minute.  Life as an entrepreneur has its perks & all, but it can also be really, really hard!  Don’t get be wrong – I love what I do – so so much.  But, I think that often small business owners start doing something because they have a knack for it or a love for it – and the business stuff goes by the wayside.  Then, it catches up.  You realize there’s a reason people have business plans, calendars, routines.  And you remember that not having them causes so much stress – disorganization, overbooking, and a whole slew of problems associated with those.  It can sometimes be a hard thing to overcome, and in my case, it’s definitely gotta change if I want to be living the life I want.  I’m excited to be opening up a new chapter, reorganizing my business, and getting things back on track so that I can provide better service to each of you lovelies & also stay a sane human being at the same time! 😉


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