I am so beyond excited to share this project with you!  Emmy is one of my best friends & we collaborate a lot with one another, so it’s been extra-special getting to work on her branding.  Because her business & style has evolved so much over the past year, we really wanted to create something that would communicate this well & narrow in even further on her target market.

Emmy Logo-05As we began to brainstorm the different elements of her brand, we experimented with a few different styles & color palettes that we both really liked.  We drew a lot of inspiration from her work & editing style which features lots of cool hues & “icy” tones, which led us to this cool, muted palette of greys & blues (that I’m still absolutely swooning over!).

Emmy Lowe 2.0-01

Throughout the brainstorming process, we had a few things we knew for certain – Emmy really wanted a logo that had both an classic editorial style & a clean, minimalist vibe that would appeal to her specific market, as well as a color palette & overall aesthetic that felt luxurious & modern.

Emmy Concepts-02

I spent a lot of time sketching out differing logo concepts for her to check out so that we could really nail down the overall direction for her design work.  We played with a few different concepts for her logo, determined the overall style we wanted to go with it, & tweaked them until we found the one that fit her brand perfectly!

Emmy Branding Board-01

From start to finish, we worked to design something that would allow her work to speak for itself & portray emotion without an overly cluttered brand distracting from this – Each piece of this design work was meticulously designed as a way to accomplish this & compliment her imagery.

Mockup 1-08

I’m so in love with how everything turned out & feel it really fits her brand perfectly.
What do you think?  Share your feedback in the comments below!

Photos - Portfolio-04

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