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If you aren’t already following Armelle Blog, you should be!  Caroline features amazing recipes, fabulous DIY projects, home decor inspiration, party planning tips, & more – Plus, she has such beautiful, fun, classy style that everything she does is to die for.  We wrapped up her project a couple months back & I’m excited to share it with you on the blog!

Caroline has been blogging for years but reached out to me a while back about really creating something that represented her bright, clean style perfectly.  She had expressed the feeling that her blog’s old aesthetic was holding her back from really being able to portray Armelle Blog the way she dreamed – so we set to work to bring this vision to life.


Brand Mood


She had already been collecting a lot of color & style inspiration on Pinterest & invited me to share those boards as we discussed her project.  I was hooked pretty much immediately!  Her pins were fresh & colorful with lots of light, white spaces, & pops of fun, bold color.  She told me that she really wanted something that really evoked feelings of happiness so that visitors to her blog feel welcomed & cheerful so this was really a primary focus from day one with her project.

Brand Board (1)Once we narrowed in on the color palette, we played around with a few different logo styles until we really found the one that fit best.  Caroline ended up choosing a clean block letter style that speaks to her modern style while offsetting this with fun, bright color in the typography.Logo ConceptsWhile working on her website, we really aimed to keep with this same style & used lots of white space & clean fonts to balance the bold color palette in order to keep it simple, yet still friendly & fun.  One of the primary focuses on this was also to find a way to organize the content that kept it organized & accessible, so we made sure that the categories were easy to find with custom buttons in the sidebar, added a Recent Posts section toward the bottom of her blog, & designed a custom Read More button to insert in the posts in order to keep the content neat & tidy.





Love this project?  Let us know in the comments below or contact us to chat about branding your business!



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